Refurbished classic Land Rover Defender? Yes, they are awesome!

If you have been searching for a refurbished Land Rover Defender 90 or 110 for sale, you have certainly come to the right place. We are rebuilders of a classic – bringing the original shape Land Rover Defender back to life. And we simply love doing this!

Leox is derived from the Latin words “Leo”, meaning “Lion” and “Ferox”, meaning “Fierce”. This embodies the essence of Leox Rovers – the lion’s ambition and strength of spirit, untamed and headstrong under the South African sun.

refurbished classic car on scenic mountaintop
Black Land Rover on rocky trail

From hobby to full-time job (doesn't everybody dream of doing this?)

We drive Defenders.

We play on remote trails and lonesome sandy dunes … and build our dream trucks to conquer the continent.
As a rugged band of enthusiasts, we made the decision to share our passion with you.

Sourcing a Land Rover Defender can be quite tricky

With the discontinuation of the iconic Land Rover Defender in 2017, Leox Rovers came into existence with the mission of restoring and selling refurbished Land Rover Defenders so that the world may enjoy their rugged beauty for many years to come. We search everywhere for viable candidates to restore, from spider-infested garages to dusty barns on remote farms.

custom refurbished defender 90 under a tree
Defender v8 engine out

Restoration process a.k.a "To Hell and Back"

The first task our team performs is a complete body-off restoration when we acquire a Landy. We replace and wrap wiring that burned, chafed through, or even seen action from hungry rats. We liberate the chassis from rust and paint it professionally. Our specialists test the engines extensively and rebuild if necessary. The checklist includes hoses, electrical components, gearboxes, transfer cases, diffs and endless lists of other items. We check meticulously and replace or overhaul when we spot problems.

Land Rover Defender comforts - we travel in style

When the mission-critical components are deemed to be in good order, we turn our attention to aesthetics and custom creature comforts. The seats are beautifully upholstered and the body gets an awesome coat of paint (while preserving the classic look). Further comforts such as radio upgrades are specific to each project.

refurbished Black Land Rover Defender custom seats upholstery in leather
custom refurbished Land Rover Defender 90 car partial rear view on path

Lighting the Path

We chuck the old lights and then fit custom LED’s and upgraded halogen headlights. We find that it is far more pleasurable to drive at night if you can actually see more than three meters ahead of you. It is even more pleasurable on the road if other drivers can see your indicators and brake lights.

Testing the Defender - the most fun you can possibly have in the "office"

Of course, when we have come this far we are not finished. We drive the customized Landy extensively in order to get as much enjoyment out of our investment as possible. A distant secondary motivation is that we want to make sure that your refurbished Defender is in great shape before we ship it over to you.

Naturally, we are kidding about this part. Although we find testing the most enjoyable phase of the project, we really do want to catch all possible problems before we ship the refurbished Land Rover Defender.

refurbished custom Land Rover classic car on grassy trail
refurbished defender rear view with overhead cloudy sky

Saying goodbye ... sigh

Then, while tears leave dusty streaks on our cheeks, we finally let go as our office manager gently pry our clutched fingers from the custom Defender with a crowbar. Adios, old friend … may your new owner love you as intimately as we did.

Have a look at what we have built for you in our Defender showroom or have a sneak peek at what we are currently busy with. We have both refurbished, customized Land Rover Defender 90 as well as 110 models for sale and our focus is on V8 as well as 2.8i gasoline engines.

*Please note that in South-Africa we drive on the left-hand side of the road, therefore all of our vehicles are right-hand drive.

Why Choose a Classic, Refurbished Land Rover Defender?

The Defender Legacy

Few vehicles inspire such awe as the legendary Defender. From the Camel Trophy to the adventures of Kingsley Holgate, the Defender has left a legacy that no other offroad vehicle has managed to match. 

Future vs. the Past

The world is changing. As a result, offroad trucks are changing. Rugged vehicles are replaced with softroaders and solid axles are becoming a rarity. Most new offroad SUV’s come fitted with independent suspension and difflocks are replaced with electronic traction control. Low range … what low range? 

It is true, the world is getting softer and softer. Due to this, if you want to drive an offroad vehicle with solid axles, drive to all four wheels, a difflock and low range, you really aren’t spoilt for choice anymore. The new Jimny might be a contender. Perhaps a Jeep Wrangler or a Toyota Landcruiser? All of the above are capable offroad vehicles.

But will any of them make your heart beat like a classic Defender can? You may have reservations about buying a used Defender and these objections are certainly not without merit. The only safe option is to opt for a professionally refurbished, used Land Rover Defender by a reputable custom rebuilds company.

The Passionate Choice

Driving a classic Defender is like getting behind the wheel of an adventure every day. The growl of a custom Land Rover Defender 110 V8 makes a trip to the office something you look forward to every day. Not to mention the thrill of tackling a challenging obstacle on a trail. One thing is sure … getting into your Defender will be one of the highlights of your day.

You will turn heads as far as you go. I have come accustomed to people stopping me in shopping mall parking lots to ask me about my Landy. People want to pose in front of the truck and take selfies. And people ask if they can buy it almost on a weekly basis. Of course, I will never sell my personal vehicle. I guess I will drive it until the wheels fall off or they stop making petrol and we all have to commute in self-drive electrical drone cars. 

But until then … my classic Defender will be my daily commute as well as my weekend toy.