This magnificent 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 3.5 is for sale at the reduced price of USD69985 excl. additional costs such as shipping and customs. We also offer a $5000 finders fee if you introduce us to a buyer and the sale goes through successfully.

We performed a complete, body-off restoration in order to get this monster back on its feet. All rust spots were dealt with professionally and the chassis was painted.

The drivetrain components were in fairly good condition so we didn’t need to overhaul any of these, with the exception of the transfercase that got new bearings.

The engine suffered the fate that many of the V8’s suffer in their original state – the cylinder linings move and then it springs internal coolant leaks. The only way to remedy this is to have the engine professionally rebuilt from the ground up. Most importantly, we install “top-hat” liners which is a permanent cure for the problem. Standard practice is to perform compression and leakdown tests after the rebuild to ensure that the operation was a success.

The result is that an engine with a inherent design-flaw now comes to it’s true right – a reliable machine that makes music to the ears from idle … to the moment you floor the accelerator. It has plenty of low-down torque that will make mincemeat of any obstacle in its path.

The wiring had shown signs of age and we meticulously replaced all wires that were corroded. We then wrapped the cabling with corrugated sleeves to protect against future heat and abrasion. The instrument console was replaced and new bulbs installed. The Landy got an LED kit for brake, indicator and parking lights.

The exhaust was badly rusted so we felt that a dual-pipe, free-flow upgrade was absolutely necessary.

Please note that this Landy does not have air conditioning.

Then it was time to focus on functional cosmetics. This included:

  • Alloy rims
  • BF Goodridge All Terrain tires
  • Professional respray
  • Leather upholstery and trim
  • Interior carpeting

This truck is meant for loading and has the capacity to swallow almost any cargo that you feed into it. A Landy true to its origins that will give you many years of adventure …

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