This very rare Defender 90 2.8i is for sale for USD75000, it was part of a limited factory production run of 645 units during the late 90’s when BMW owned Land Rover in South Africa. It has a BMW M52 inline 6 cylinder engine – without a doubt the most powerful factory produced Defender ever built.

No costs or efforts were spared in order to revive this particular monster. We performed a complete, body-off restoration. All rust spots were dealt with professionally and the chassis was painted.

The engine and drivetrain were in fairly good nick so we didn’t need to perform open-heart surgery on any of these. We were especially pleased with the results of the compression and leakdown tests. The exhaust manifold was checked for cracks and we replaced standard items like intake manifold and throttle-body gaskets. All the radiator hoses were replaced with stunning, blue silicon hoses – even the ones under the intake manifold that often get looked over. We also replaced the steel coolant return pipe as part of preventative maintenance. The starter motor was replaced and the Vanos serviced. At the vehicle’s mileage it was deemed prudent to replace the Crankcase Vent Valve.

The state of the electrickery was also surprisingly good, clearly this truck was looked after by its previous owner. Like all Defenders there was some redundant wiring that we got rid of and afterwards we wrapped all the cables properly. The instrument console was replaced and new bulbs installed. The MAF and crank position sensors read errors during diagnostics so we replaced them. The Landy got an LED kit for brake, indicator and parking lights. Last, but not least, we threw in a Bluetooth capable Kenwood sound system.

We then had the alarm tested and reconnected the central locking.

Then it was time to focus on functional cosmetics. This included:

  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Professional respray
  • Leather upholstery and trim
  • Interior carpeting
  • Alloy rims
  • BFG All Terrain tires

And there you have it – a truck that is as capable offroad as it is a driving pleasure in traffic. And you will be sure to turn heads wherever you go …

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